Air cooker: Air is the new oil! – Gordon Ramsay said

Hot Air Cooker Reviews: No Oil Fryer

air fryer gordon ramsay favourite food toys

Air fryer: Gordon Ramsay Favourite Food Toys

Everyone loves fast food because of its delicious taste and crunchiness. In this modern era, fast food can be prepared in a few minutes with the help of some advanced cooking appliances. As a result, people are spending less time in the kitchen and using the modern appliances for preparing a quick and delicious meal, which is affecting their health.

Air cooker: Air is the new oil! – Gordon Ramsay said

Air cooker: Air is the new oil! – Gordon Ramsay said

Air fryers are one of the modern kitchen appliances, which are known for its speed, quality and healthiness. This appliance has taken over all the fast food cooking appliances such as deep fryers because of the use of a very low amount of oil. However, healthiest cooking oil should be used with hot air fryer for better results.

Air fryer vs Deep fryer Taste

Do the fries taste deep-fried?

“Look – nothing is going to replace that deep-fried taste, so no, they don’t,” said Ramsay honestly.

“But, the Airfryer uses a tablespoon of oil and the chips come out crisp on the outside and tender on the inside – they’re a healthier version, and they taste great.”

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Gordon Ramsay, a renowned chef is planning to team up with the air fryers to prepare healthy as well as delicious meals. The main reason behind Gordon Ramsay teaming up with this cooking appliance is to show the world that delicious fast food dishes can be prepared quickly and that too without any health effects.

gordon ramsay air fryer -2A wide variety of air fryers are available in the industry and most of the models are better than the other cooking appliances because of their explicit features. All the air fryer models released by renowned manufacturers are ideal for cooking fast food dishes with great taste and crispness in a quick period of time. Some of the major reasons, which make air fryers better than the other appliances, are mentioned below:

  • Air fryers are user friendly because they allow the user to select different cooking modes like bake, roast and many more. Moreover, air fryer includes digital display and digital controls, which makes it easy for the user to control all the operations.
  • Apart from the user friendly controls, the top models are far ahead of the other appliances in terms of health, taste and texture. Air fryer uses rapid air technology for cooking food dishes. This technology uses a very low amount of oil and use hot air as a heat medium for providing an appropriate amount of heat level for different food dishes.
  • Rapid air technology doesn’t require a large amount of oil because the hot air is capable enough to provide the perfect amount of heat required for a specific fast food dish. This technology will provide the same heat level to each and every part of the food, which will make sure the dish is perfectly cooked from all the angles.
  • Since, a tablespoon or less amount of oil is used for cooking, air fryers are considered as the healthiest cooking appliances. With the release of these top rated models, people have found the best way to cook healthy fast food dishes with great taste, texture, crispness and crunchiness in a quick time.

gordon ramsay air fryer -4No oil deep fryer

Using a very low amount of oil for cooking fast food doesn’t affect the fast food taste and texture, which makes rapid air technology a step ahead of the other cooking methods. This technology constantly circulated hot air, which results in delivering a perfectly cooked dish. The dish prepared by an air fryer will be crunchy from outside and soft on the inside.

  • Most of the consumers, who have already bought this useful cooking appliance says that air fryers has helped them to cook healthy and delicious fast food dishes in a very short amount of time.
  • In short, air fryers has proved out to be quite helpful for the people who are in love with fast food dishes and wish to eat them frequently without affecting their health.
  • The dishes prepared by the top rated models are better than the fast food dishes cooked using a traditional cooking method in terms of quality, healthiness and taste.
  • Apart from the fast food dishes, these units can also be used for preparing healthy snacks and deserts. Most of the models come with adjustable temperature settings and multiple cooking modes, which allow the user to get the most out of this useful cooking appliance.
  • You can cook more than 200 healthy dishes suing an air fryer, which clearly states its efficiency.

How to Deep Fry without a Deep Fryer

For best deep frying oil use oil less fryer as it will help you to enjoy several deep fried dishes without using a tablespoon of oil. There are several models of  air fryers available in the industry that not even use a tablespoon of oil for cooking deep fried dishes such as French fries. Such models rely on the rapid air technology and the food cooked using this technology is similar to the taste and crispness of the food cooked using a deep fry method.

gordon ramsay air fryer -3These are some of the major reasons, which impresses Gordon Ramsay and make him believe that air fryer models are the best choice for him and his family. Since, most of the models have started using rapid air circulation technology the usage of oil is decreasing day by day, thus making fried food dishes healthier. The reason behind the massive decrease in oil usage is the use of hot air, because of which Gordon Ramsay recently said “Air’s is the new oil”. He also added that air fryers are far better than the other models in terms of technology and results, which is also a major reason behind teaming up with air fryers.

Food fryer no oil

Other cooking appliances such as deep fryers use a lot of oil for cooking fast food dishes. However, using the best cooking oil for deep frying will also not make a difference. So, if you wish to use the best cooking oil, then use no oil fryer as it will only use a tablespoon of oil for cooking delicious and healthy fried food dishes.

So, prefer an air fryer over other cooking appliances, if you want to eat healthy fried food dishes with the appropriate amount of flavour, texture and crispness. There a lot of options available, this will make it easy for you to pick the top rated model in your budget.