The Difference between Air Fryers 9220 vs. 9230 vs. 9240

For some, cooking is an art; for some, it is passion and for the others, it is plain and simple love for food. No matter what the reason is, we all want to have different cooking appliances which will allow us to cook everything. Given the fact that almost all of us love frying, it is imperative that we own that perfect air fryer. But the nagging question here is which air fryer to get as there are too many good ones to choose from. But the three which you should consider buying are 9220, 9230 and 9240. These are the top of the line products which you will find in the market. But then again how do you choose? Let us show you an easy way out to answer this question so that you can make up your mind and get the perfect air fryer for your kitchen.

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Table of 5 Best AirFryer
Product:Philips AirFryer HD9240/94GoWISE USA
GW22638 8-in-1
Air Fryer by CozynaPhilips Airfryer HD9230/26GoWISE USA GW22631
Technology:Rapid Air
Touch screen
Rapid Air
Rapid Air
Touch screen
Rapid Air
Touch screen
Rapid Air
Touch screen
176⁰F – 392⁰F
175F - 400F
Capacity: 2.65lb3.7 QT3.2L1.75lb5.8QT
30% larger size,
30% faster speed
8 programs2 Recipe Book
over 50 recipes
Recipe Book
150 recipes
Recipe Book
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The Similarities

It is no mystery that they all come from the same house and therefore, are bound to have some similarities between them. What it basically means is that no matter which product you opt for among the three, you will get some of the features that are there in all three of them. So here are some such features you need to look at before choosing the one for you.

  • The material

The material which the three models are made of is plastic. It means, irrespective of your choice, the three will come in plastic.

  • The colour

Another visible similarity that you fill find in the three products is the fact that they all usually come in black. So if you like the colour black, then choosing between them will be that much harder.

  • Rapid air technology

Now that we come to the technical part of it, the first big similarity here is that they all have rapid air technology. You might ask us as to what it really is. Rapid air technology is the feature which will manipulate the hot air in the fryer at a high speed and a pin point precision. This in turn will allow the fryer to cook or fry using a lot less oil, making the food all the more healthy, something that is hard to find in fryers.

  • The adjustable temperature control

The next feature that you will find in all the products is adjustable temperature control. The adjustable temperature control allows you to adjust the temperature up to a temperature of 390 degrees Celsius. This assists you in your endeavour to cook different kinds of food and experiment a little, something other air fryers don’t allow.

  • Dishwasher safety parts

Another thing that you need to know about these products is the easy clean provisions that all of them come with. They all have the dishwasher safety part which enables you to clean up the air fryers much more efficiently after it is used, a feature which is sure to attract people.

The Differences

FeaturesHD9220/26 AirFryerHD9230-26 Digital
Two integrated dials
Digital touch UI
Timer: 30 minutes
Timer: 60 minutes
Layer Rack
Yes (without Skewers)

Although they all are similar in certain aspects, they also have their share of differences which makes them unique and appealing in their own ways. Here are some of the differences that you should be privy with.

  • Capacity

The first point of difference between the three products lies in the fact that they differ in capacity. Although 9220 and 9230 are both having the capacity of 1.8 lbs., 9240 is a product which has much more capacity than them. This is why you can use the 9240 to cook more food at a given point of time.

  • Layered racks

Next comes the part where 9230 is the one which gets to shine. It has double layer racks which allow it to provide the food items with a better and larger cooking area which can only be an advantage to you and a feature that the other two lack.

  • The auto shut off

All the three products are equipped with auto timers which will shut off the fryer after a stipulated time. The 9220 has a 30 minute time frame, whereas the other two have 60 minute timers. Therefore, 9220 is considered to be much better placed as compared to the other two as far as frying is considered.

  • The digital UI

Another area the products differ from is user interface. You will find that both 9230 and 9240 are blessed with digital UI whereas 9220 has two integrated dials. It is seen that this digital UI gives you more precise options with respect to temperature and timing. Therefore, 9220 is at a little disadvantage against its competitors in this department.

best air fryer 9220 vs. 9230 vs. 9240

What Do I Need To Consider Before Buying The Right Air Fryer?

It is not an easy job to choose an air fryer, but there are some guidelines you can follow to get the right product for you.

  • Technology

The first thing that you need to look at when choosing an air fryer is the technology that goes in it. You need to see whether it has innovative technologies like rapid air technology and has a smart preset button which helps the machine to remember the settings for the most cooked or favourite food of the user.

  • Ease of use and cleanliness

The next thing that you should check out in your cooking device is the hygiene. Here you should try to find a product which is easy to clean up so that you don’t face too much hindrance clearing it after cooking food in it.

  • Versatility

Next up, you must concentrate on what all you can do with the air fryer in terms of cooking. You must look for a product which will allow you to bake, fry, roast, grill, and the likes.  This gives you more options as far cooking different food is concerned. You must enquire whether you are getting a recipe book with the products to know what are the best recipes you can cook in a given air fryer.

So which one did you decide to go for?


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