Best Air Fryers Infographic

How to Pick the Best Air fryer – Infographic

The best friend of Fry Food fans with 80 percent decrease of oil intake

Adjust the temperature and set the timer to Bake, Grill or Roast recipes


Air fryer Brand

The safest wat to ensuer you are buying high quality product is to opt for a brand with a good reputation in the industry.

The alternative accessories could be found easily

The new interesting and delicious recipes are shared massively

The value might pull up the price even tehe machine is used

Air fryer Design

Its size and color should be fit with your kitchen

You can move it, move it, move it… if the weight is light

Choose the one easy to clean (accessories removable quickly)

Air Fryer Capacity

Consider the amount of foods you typically make on regular basis.

Fryer with smaller capacity are the best fryer. If you are living alone or have a nuclear family.

If you ofter cook for many people use a bigger.

Chosing the right capacity helps you not only last the machine’s lifespan but also save your electrical bill.

Air Fryer Features.

Compare different air fryers, and see which one has the most useful features. Some have extra features but they are more expensive.