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Copper Chef As Seen As TV

​What if you could replace all your pots and pans with one single non stick pan

Copper Chef Non Stick Pan

What if you could cook with it on the stove and in the oven

Copper Chef on the stove
Copper Chef in the oven

Copper Chef the non-stick all-round Square Pan with Cerami Tech and extra deep sides

Copper Chef non stick all round square pan
Copper Chef deep sides

Replace a Roasting pan, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Stock Pot, Wok, Baking Dish

Copper Chef Roasting pan, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Stock Pot, Wok, Baking Dish

Even cook Mac & Cheese Ffroy dry or sear meat in a flash. No more boiling and straining ever again.

Copper Chef mac cheese from dry
Copper Chef sear meat in a flash

Made of stainless steel induction plate heats the pan quickly and evenly. Heat Proof up to 850 degrees

Copper Chef plate heat
Copper Chef heat proof up to 850

You can cook more food, what you can’t make this in a round.

Copper Chef cook more than round pan

Nothing sticks to your pan

Copper Chef nothing sticks to your pan

Burnt milk in the copper, gooey cheese slides right off

Copper Chef burnt milk
Copper Chef gooey cheese

Egg slip and slide like it’s on ice skates and

Copper Chef Egg slip

No Extra Fat, Butter

Copper Chef no extra oil or butter

Air pop popcorn without any oil or butter

Copper Chef air popcorn

Clean up is a Breeze and it is dishwasher safe

Copper Chef clean up

100% Chemical and PTFE FREE free. Make it perfect for any service: Electric, Gas, Glass Ceramic and Induction.

Copper Chef Electric, Gas, Glass Ceramic and Induction.

Now you can prepare, cook and serve in one large capacity family size pan

Copper Chef As Seen As TV Video

Copper Chef Reviews

Copper Chef claims to be so versatile. It will replace all the pots in your kitchen drawers

The Copper Chef claims to be:

  • Quick and Even Heating due to steel induction plate
  • Cerami-tech, non-stick surface/ No butter or oil needed
  • Heat resistant, up to 850 degrees
  • Works on all stove tops-gas, electric, ceramic, induction
  • Offers 6 cooking methods – bake, fry, boil, sautee, steam, braise

Copper Chef come with a tempered glass lid, fry basket, steamer tray and Recipe book as well 4 pieces of utensils which could be fairly useful however they are very lightweight kind of flimsy

copper chef glass lid,
copper chef fry basket
copper chef steamer tray
copper chef Recipe book as well 4 pieces of utensils

It has a 5-layer construction, mostly aluminum core, twitches top with a ceramic non-stick

copper chef 5-layer constructio

Not fit to you any metal utensils

Scratches very easily with just minimal using metal utensils

copper chef Not fit to you any metal utensils

Heads up quick

Steel induction plate: just seconds of putting this pan on the burner, it felt very very hot to touch

copper chef heads up quick

Egg Test

No oil or butter, you able to remove from the pan very easy.

It didn’t burn or stick​

copper chef egg test

Steamer Tray

Steamer some basic vegetables

Poured a small amount of water into the pan, placed steamer tray into the pan

Close the lid after 10 minutes I had perfectly steam vegetables, tasted really good.

copper chef steamer test

Steak Test

After searing the steak both sides with no oil or butther.

I let the copper chef in 400 degree oven for about 10 minutes.

copper chef steak test

Took the pan out of the oven, the steak is great without sticking or burning. And the clean up after this is very easy and quick

copper chef steak test 2
copper chef steak test 3


With the sides so much deeper than your average, it wasn’t very comfortable to work inside the pan to line it with the dough. However very easily able to separate the pie from the pan

copper chef pie test 2
copper chef pie test 3

Reading the instructions there are some limitations. For example can’ use extra virgin olive oil or oil sprays, let the copper chef cold befere it

Final Test RESULT

Copper Chef is a very versatile pan that performed really well in my tests.

However it really doesn’t make me want to get rid of all the other pots and pans in my kitchen drawers.

While it will probably do fairly well with the six different cooking methods, there will always be a need for other cookware that will be better suited for each individual dish

Common Concerns

  • Is the steamer tray and basket safe to use
  • Permanent burn marks left on the pan
  • Food having a metallic taste
  • Is the pan truly dishwasher safe
  • Does the pan continue to be non-stick past the first few uses.

Scratches very easily

After only a few uses I began noticing small scratches, I haven’t been using anything metal with this pan.  I can only assume that this happened as a result of the copper pan coming in contact the lid. There were also a few on the surface and A quite a bit of scratch on the bottom. So the pan scratches very easily

copper chef Scratches very easily
copper chef Scratches very easily 2

Are Steamer Tray and Basket Safe

The Fry Basket never really touches the bottom of this pan so don’t worry about it scratching the surface

I didn’t really have any issues with the tray scratching the pan. With normal use you will likely be okay as long as you’re not pressing down on a trade extreme

copper chef Steamer Tray and Basket Safe

Burn Marks

Test hang up on high heat for a few minutes​, no notice any burn mark or discoloration

Metallic Taste

Made a number of dishes in the copper chef, no noticed a metallic taste or anything feening off or tasting metallic in the food

copper chef Metallic Taste test

Dishwasher Safe

How well the copper Chef hold up after being washed

After a few cycles in the dishwasher, the dishwasher cycles didn’t do any damage.

Truly Non-Stick

Finally a lot of users, test it. Turn it up an egg on the ungreased copper chef

While one side of the egg release, the rest of the eggs required a lot of spatula work to get it off

copper chef Truly Non-Stick

Repeat the Omelette test, I get a very different results. The egg stuck to the pan

copper chef Truly Non-Stick 2
copper chef Truly Non-Stick 3

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