Philips HD9220/26 Air Fryer

Philips was the first manufacturer, which introduced an air fryer to the world. Now, air fryers are considered as one of the most useful and healthiest cooking appliances in the world. Philips HD9220/26 Air Fryer is one of the few top rated models, which comprises of some amazing features at a price of $179 only. Although, it is a little bit expensive than the other top rated models, but it is a  good value for your money as it is being released by the renowned manufacturer Philips, which ensures better performance.

Features of Philips HD9220/26 Air Fryer

  • Adjustable temperature controls: This model comes with two integrated diallers, out of which one allows you to set up the timer for 30 minutes and the other allows you to set the heat temperature up to 390 degrees. You should customize the settings before cooking any dish as different dishes require different temperature level and cooking time for a perfect finish.
  • Rapid air technology: You might be thinking that most of the top rated models available in the industry use rapid air circulation technology, then what’ so new about this model. This model is different from other models in terms of rapid air circulation technology as this model features a starfish design at the bottom, which allows the fryer to evenly distribute the hot air to each part of the food. It helps the food to be cooked properly and that too without using any amount of oil.
  • Sound indicator: As soon as the timer is stopped, the fryer will automatically turn off the heating coil and makes sure the food is not overcooked. Moreover, when the timer stops, the sound indicator will come into action and will inform you that the food is ready. So, with the help of a sound indicator, you can easily come to know when the food is cooked, which allows you to serve hot food.
  • Multiple modes: This model is more than a typical fryer as you can use this model for baking, grilling and roasting purposes too. You can select the cooking mode from the digital touch screen at the top and use this model for cooking different food dishes using different cooking methods.

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Benefits of using Philips HD9220/26 Air Fryer

  • Safety: One of the major benefits of using this model is that it ensures the user’s safety. It not only helps in preventing the food to be over cooked or burnt, but also helps the user to safely transfer the food from the food basket to a serving bowl or plate because the fryers handgrip stays cool even after the cooking process.
  • Less fat: This model has been tested in several laboratories and the results clearly show that the French fries or other fried dishes have 70% less fat as compared to the dishes cooked by deep fryer using canola oil.

Pros and cons of Philips HD9220/26 Air Fryer:

No matter how good an air fryer is, it still has some minor and major pros & cons, which must be known by everyone before making a purchase. So, let’s have a look at the pros of this model first:


  • Dishwasher safe parts: Everyone hates to clean an air fryer because of the complex operations involved. However, it is not the case with this model as it features removable non-stick drawer and the food basket parts are dishwasher safe, which allows you to easily clean up the appliance quickly.
  • Useful recipe book: This model also includes a useful recipe book created by food experts, which allows you to cook a variety of low fat fried food dishes in this model. The recipe book also includes multiple recipes that can be cooked using different cooking modes such as baking, grilling and roasting. This recipe book will allow you to cook multiple dishes with less fat.
  • Luscious food dishes: This model uses rapid air technology, which ensures the hot air is equally distributed throughout the food basket. Due to this factor, the food dishes prepared by this model have an appropriate amount of crispness level on the outside. Moreover, the food becomes tender from the inside, which allows you to enjoy a luscious food dish.


  • Noise: This model makes a little noise during the cooking process, which might be a disturbing element for most of the kitchen owners. So, if you do not have a problem with the little noise made by this model, then it is a great choice to prefer it over other top rated models.
  • Small cooking capacity: One of the major drawbacks of this model is its low cooking capacity. This model has a cooking capacity of 1.8lb, which is very less as compared to other top models. So, if you have a family of two or three members, then this model is perfect for you. In case of a large family, you need to cook twice to feed each family member.

How to use Philips HD9220/26 Air Fryer?

  • Philips HD9220/26 Air Fryer is quite simple to use because of the digital touch screen technology. The touch screen allows you to adjust all the fryer settings with your finger touch. So, in order to cook a dish in this model, you need to first select the cooking mode and then set up the fryer settings, which includes the temperature and timer settings.
  • Once, you have set up the settings for the dish, you must strict to the recipe. This model will automatically turn off the heating appliance, once the food is perfectly cooked. Now, detach the food tray and transfer the food in a bowl or plate. Now, present the delicious food dish to your guest or family members.

Isn’t it simple to use? So, once you have availed the services of this model for cooking a dish, you must clean the appliance to make it ready for the next use. For cleaning, you must remove the food basket and scrub it with the dishwasher solution and then rinse it in clean water.

Enjoy cooking!