Philips HD9240/94 Air Fryer review

Air fryer is a useful kitchen appliance and must be used by every kitchen owner to cook healthy and delectable food dishes. A wide variety of air fryers are available in the market, which makes it tough to pick the best model and that too in your budget. Philips HD9240/94 Air Fryer is one of the top rated models in the industry because of its extra ordinary features and sleek design.

Features of Philips HD9240/94 Air Fryer

This model is power packed with some incredible features, which lays down the foundation of its superb performance. Some of the amazing features supported by this model are listed below:

  • Rapid air technology: Like other top models, Philips HD9240/94 Air Fryer also supports rapid air technology. This model circulates hot air in the food basket with great speed and precision. It is equally helpful in distributing hot air to each part of the food placed inside the food basket, which results in delivering perfect results without using a lot of oil.
  • Digital touch screen: This model supports digital touch technology, which allows you to easily adjust the fryer settings and choose the appropriate cooking mode according to the dish. You can easily set up the exact temperature level up to 390 degrees, which allows you to cook a wide variety of food dishes.
  • Smart pre-set button: This model also features smart pre-set button, which is responsible for remembering the fryer settings of your favourite dish. Whenever, you wish to cook your favourite dish again, just press the smart pre-set button as it will automatically shift the fryer settings to the saved settings of your dish.
  • Auto shut off: This model is well known for its speed because you can easily cook a time consuming food dish within a few minutes. Philips HD9240/94 Air Fryer comes with 60 minute timer, which is more than enough for cooking any food dish. This model also supports auto shut off feature, which will make sure the food is not over cooked as the heating coil is automatically turned off, when the food dish is ready.

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Benefits of using Philips HD9240/94 Air Fryer

  • Huge cooking capacity: The best part about this mode is that it is equipped with a large cooking basket, which allows you to cook meals in a larger quantity. In short, this model is perfect for a large family. This model can be used for grilling, roasting, baking and frying purposes, which allows you to cook several food dishes in a huge quantity.
  • Save your precious time: If you are too busy in your daily life and doesn’t get time to cook and clean utensils, then you must buy this model as soon as possible. This model comes with a detachable food basket, which makes it easier for the user to clean the appliance quickly. Moreover, it comes with a ready signal, which means you can easily perform other tasks while the food is getting ready. Once, the food will be cooked the fryer will give you a signal to transfer the food.

Pros & Cons of Philips HD9240/94 Air Fryer


  • User friendly: It is a user friendly model because of the inclusion of auto shut off, smart pre-set button, digital touch controls and many other reasons. Like other models, you do not need to research a lot about the operations of this model as you can easily operate this model, just like a smart phone.
  • Mammoth cooking capacity: This model has a mammoth cooking capacity, which is helpful in fulfilling the demands of a large family. You do not need to cook twice or thrice as you can easily prepare an appropriate amount of food in the first attempt for the whole family.
  • Easy maintenance: Many kitchen owners think, the larger the kitchen appliance, the more difficult is to maintain it. However, it is not the same case with this magnificent model because you can easily clean the food basket and other parts within a few minutes, which will help you to maintain this model in a tip top condition for a long period.


  • Weight: Philips HD 9240/94 Air Fryer is one of the heaviest model in the industry as it weighs 19 pounds, which makes it tough for some of the kitchen owners to easily move it from one place to another in the kitchen. Most of the kitchen owners in the world are old, which makes this issue a major one.
  • Price: The price of this model is little high, which is too high for most of the kitchen owners. Many kitchen owners do not even look out for the features of this model after knowing its price. However, it is a good value for the money as it helps you to save time and money. Moreover, this air fryer model can be purchased at a less price from an online store, which is absolutely worth for this super model.

How to use Philips HD 9240/94 Air Fryer?

  • You do not even need to have a look at the tutorial before using this model. This model is just like your smart phone as you need to give the instructions with your finger and rest of the operations will be carried by this model itself. So, you need to first adjust the fryer settings and then add the ingredients to the food basket. The last and final step is to start the cooking process and this model will automatically shut down, when the food is perfectly cooked.

How simple it was? Not only the cooking process, the cleaning process is also too simple, which is the major reason behind its massive popularity. In order to clean this model, you need to first detach the food basket and scrub it with a damp cloth to remove the left over food. Now, rinse it with the clean water. Once, the basket is absolutely dry, attach it again with the appliance and you can again use the services of this model for cooking your favourite dishes.