Power AirFryer XL Review

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Power AirFryer XL Review

Today I’ll be talking about the power airfryer XL. Now the power airfryer XL is a kitchen appliance that uses turbo-cyclonic air instead of oil to cook your food. This turbo-cyclonic air is basically a whirlwind of superheated air which is very similar if not identical to a convection oven.

Now the makers of this airfryer claim that this type of cooking results in fewer calories and more healthy meals. Some of the major claims of this airfryer is

  • Features six different cooking methods this airfryer is supposedly able to fry, bake steam saute, grill and roast
  • Reaches the temperature of 400 degrees in a matter of seconds
  • Uses little to no oil
  • One touch easy cooking
  • Dishwasher safe.

The company claims that using this air fryer is as easy as loading the basket with food selecting that appropriate setting and then enjoying your prepared meal.

So let’s go ahead and put that to the test. Here I have a three point four-quart version of the airfryer in color black.

This air fryer is a fairly simple appliance. It has a light-up display and is basically composed of a removable outer basket as well as the fry basket. Now the set also comes with a food separator insert which can use if you want to cook two different types of food and of course you can insert and remove this separator as you wish.

Now the outer and fry basket assembly can be removed simply by pulling on the handle and after that, you can press the red release button to release the fry basket from the outer basket. Now on my first few attempts, I did find it fairly difficult to press the red button with one hand and remove the fry basket. However, after a couple of tries, it seemed to release a lot easier and is definitely manageable with just one hand.

Now it’s important to know that this fry basket is the only part of this air fryer that is actually dishwasher safe. No other part of this air fryer can go into the dishwasher. The outer basket has to be washed separately by hand.

The back of this air fryer does have an air outlet vent which releases hot steam during cooking. This is definitely something to be aware of since it does release pretty hot steam. It’s also recommended in the instructions that this vent is not obstructed and always kept open.

The display menu is also pretty straightforward. It has four main option buttons:

  • Power button which is located in the center
  • Preset button which is directly below it
  • Time control button to the left
  • Temperature control button to the right

This air fryer comes with seven programmed cooking settings which you can list through by pressing the preset button identified by the letter M. These presets are fries, shops shrimp baked goods chicken steak and fish.

These preset choices come with pre-programmed temperature and time settings. However, you can also adjust the temperature and time setting annually for each individual dish. The maximum temperature but this airfryer reaches is 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

This also comes with an automatic shut-off timer which is a very nice feature. With this airfryer, you also get a small recipe booklet which features 27 different recipes as well as the instructions manual.

Test Power Air Fryer

Now one of the big claims is that this airfryer has six different cooking methods so I wanted to go ahead and test out each one of those methods to see just how well it performs.

1. Air Fried French Fries

For my first experiment to test out the air frying capability of this airfryer, I decided to make french fries. Now the recipe from the provided recipe book calls for blanched potatoes which I seasoned and added just a couple of tablespoons of oil for flavor.

I selected the french fries program which comes preset for 18 minutes of cooking at 400 degrees. Now halfway through the cooking time, you are supposed to pull out the outer and fry basket assembly and shake up the fries to ensure even cooking.

A very nice feature on this airfryer is that at any time during your cooking process you can remove the outer basket to check the doneness of your food without interrupting the preset timer and temperature. As soon as you put the basket back in the timer picks up exactly where you left off to add that correct temperature to finish preparing your meal

Once the timer was done the airfryer did shut off automatically and I had these pretty appetizing french fries. All the residual oil is collected on the bottom of the outer basket and while this cooking method doesn’t give you that crispy deep-fried taste. These fries turned out to be very good they weren’t oily or greasy at all. As you can see from the paper towel which collected barely any oil at all.

2. Grilled Rib Eye

Next to test out how well this air fryer can grill I decided to prepare a nice piece of rib eye. For this particular recipe, the instructions do recommend that you pre-heat your air fryer for turning it on for four minutes prior to cooking your food.

After the four minutes floor up, I place my rib eye into the fry basket, select the steak setting and adjust at the cooking time to 14 minutes per the instructions in the recipe book. I do need to turn your steak halfway through cooking and after about 14 minutes total the steak was done.

What this air fryer you, of course, aren’t going to get those grill marks but it does give your meat a nice color. My steak came out medium well and tasted fairly good. You can adjust the time accordingly to have your steak prepared either more well or rare. But the only downside is that if you were to cook this steak 10 minutes instead of the 14 that’s recommended, you wouldn’t have as much color on your steak and it would probably come out looking a lot more boiled rather than grilled.

So well it’s definitely possible to make a steak in this air fryer that’s maybe rare or medium rare. It won’t have that beautiful color that you really want on your piece of steak

3. Roasted Chicken

To test out how well this air fryer can roast, I wanted to try the roasted chicken recipe. I have a non-frozen about five-pound roasted chicken that’s been seasoned and lightly drizzled with oil. As you can see this is about as big a chicken as you can fit into this 3.4-quart size of the airfryer.

After selecting the chicken program I made sure that the timer was set to 20 minutes and the temperature was set to 360 degrees and after 20 minutes the top of a chicken seemed to be cooked really well.

It may be even a little too well due to the large size of the chicken and once I turn the chicken over to cook and roast on the other side you can see that the other side was entirely raw and uncooked.

After an additional 20 minutes, I check the chicken for doneness and it was well below that required 160 degrees. So I went ahead and put it in for additional minutes of cooking.

Throughout the next 20 minutes, I kept checking the temperature periodically and found that after about 15 minutes my roasted chicken was at 160 degrees so I decided to take it out since parts of the skin looked almost burned by this time.

The chicken did turn out to be fairly juicy and tasted well. However after it really started carving into the chicken and getting closer to the bone, there were parts that I would have liked to cook just a few more minutes.

Ideally, I would have liked to roast this chicken another maybe five to ten minutes but the difficult part is that the surface and top of the chicken cooks and browns so much quicker. Because it is so much closer to the heating element of this air fryer which would most definitely give me a very dark and probably burnt skin

4. Steamed Vegetables

Steaming is one of the six cooking methods that this air fryer claims to do and I wasn’t exactly sure how air fryer or something similar to an oven can steam. So to test it out I decided to try making steamed vegetables.

I actually tried to find a recipe for steamed vegetables in the recipe book as well as online on the Power air fryer XL website but I wasn’t able to find anything.

So I decided to improvise and gave it a shot and I seasoned some mixed vegetables and drizzle some olive oil and place them in the fry basket for about 10 min at 320 degrees.

After 10 minutes that vegetables look very much roasted and nothing close to steamed. They still had a lot of crunch to them and weren’t very soft and tender on the inside.

Now to steam anything you would have to add water to the airfryer spray that’s steam that’s required for steaming. However, the instructions clearly state to not put any liquid or water into the outer basket.

From the brief demonstration video that the airfryer XL has on their website they do show a separate pan that is inserted into the fry basket that you could probably fill with water and get that steamed cooking method. However, they certainly don’t make that easy to do with the items that you’re given in the box.

Based on that I would say that it’s impossible to steam in this air fryer unless you purchase additional appliances that would allow you to safely add liquids into this air fryer and allow you to steam.

5. Sauteed Fish Fillet

For my next experiment, I wanted to try making a nice piece of salmon fillet. On the company’s website, they showcase a piece of salmon as something you can make using the saute cooking method. However again I wasn’t able to find a recipe anywhere for that particular dish.

I had a fairly large piece of salmon and generally notice that the part of the meat that is on top gets a better color and cooks some more. So I placed my seasoned salmon fillets skin side up. I selected the pre-programmed fish setting and let the fish cook for 10 minutes.

After the 10 minutes were up I didn’t really get that nice crispy skin and there were definitely parts of the fillet that could have used a couple more minutes. However, for the most part, the fish looked good it tasted very good it was juicy and had a really good flavor.

Just to experiment I did put the fish fillet into the air fryer for an additional four to five minutes which may have been a bit too long but still, the result was very good. The fish was cooked well and juicy and I thoroughly enjoyed the finished product.

6. Baked Mini-pies

Finally, Airfryer XL claims that you can use this for various baking dishes which actually makes a whole lot of sense because essentially this is a small convection oven.

However to test this claim I did want to try making a pie. I bought a 9-inch foil pan and lighted with pie crust. However, I was pretty disappointed to find this 3.4-quart size doesn’t fit a basic 9-inch pan.

So I had to get creative and I decided to instead make individual size mini pies in small ramekins. Unfortunately, I was only able to fit 3 ramekins into the fry basket and after cooking the dough for about 5 minutes on the big setting, I filled the ramekins with fruit filling and put it back in for an additional 15 minutes at 310 degrees.

And not very surprisingly this air fryer baked if the pie is just fine and the result was quite delicious. The obvious downside of course that you’re not able to fit a standard 9-inch pan into this 3.4-quart size of the air fryer

In the best-case scenario, you can only make 3 mini pies at a time which is hardly a time-saver


Ask for the cleanup of this air fryer I do have to say that it is fairly painless. I never spent more than a couple minutes washing the fry basket and the outer basket and most of the time I did it by hand.

It is important to remember that only the fry basket is actually dishwasher safe. The outer basket has to be washed by hand. However given how easy it is to clean those fry baskets and outer baskets I don’t know why anyone would really want to wait for a whole fish washing cycle to wash these appliances.

Another point that I feel is important to know is that the recipe booklets provided could have definitely used more thought and editing. There were some pretty glaring mistakes and oversights throughout the book.

For example, in the roasted chicken recipe, the instructions state to season the turkey of the chicken also the ingredient list with that same recipe didn’t indicate the unit of measurement for garlic powder. So you really didn’t know if it was one teaspoon of garlic powder or tablespoon.

Of course, these errors are not detrimental to cooking but it would have been nice to see some more thought and proofreading go into a product that retails high price

Bottom Line

So here is my final verdict on the airfryer XL. I must be honest and after my first test with the French fries, I was thoroughly impressed with this airfryer.

However after further testing and using this product I’ve come to the conclusion that it is nothing more than a small oven. It really doesn’t do anything that a convection oven can already do.

The claim that you need to use very little to no oil when using this air fryer is very true but it’s also true for any recipe that you can make in your oven. Having said that here are my pros and cons


1. Heats up quickly

One of the positives is that this air fryer does heat up very quickly the instructions do say that if you want a well-heated airfryer you just need to turn it on for three minutes. I wouldn’t say that it’s a matter of seconds but it does take just a couple minutes to get it fairly hot.

2. Easy to use

Another positive is that this air fryer is truly very easy to use the menu is very easy to understand and to navigate. After about minutes you can easily feel comfortable using this air fryer lastly

3. Easy clean-up

The cleanup of the outer and the fry basket assembly truly is very simple it never took me more than a couple of minutes to wash everything by hand.


1. 3.4 QT model too small

For the cons the biggest one for me was the size of this three points four-quart air fryer it really was too small for many meals. At most you could make maybe fits three pieces of steak or fish fillet at a time and like we’ve already seen you cannot fit a standard nine-inch pie pan inside of this airfryer.

So you would really need to get creative if you wanted to do some baking

2. Not all features work

The second negative is that it doesn’t truly deliver on all six cooking methods that this airfryer claims to do. The biggest one for me was the steaming option which is basically impossible without purchasing additional appliances to make this work

3. Doesn’t go above 400

The last negative for me is that this airfryer does not go above degrees Fahrenheit which is a pretty high-temperature setting but it’s not quite as high as your standard oven can go.

So while this airfryer didn’t have an overwhelming amount of pros or cons for me it comes down to whether or not I need to spend a hundred dollars for another bulky kitchen appliance that can really do slightly less than what a normal oven can already do

For me, that choice is pretty easy and that knows the airfryer is not something that will make my life easier or really speed up the cooking time for my meals or change the way that I approach my meals.

So I really hope that this was a helpful review for you please.

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